News & Events

Dates to Remember:

February 2   Communion Sunday

February 9    Carry-In Soup Dinner after Worship

February 16  Book Club after Worship

February 18  Fellowship of Hope 10:30am

February 23 Consistory after worship

February 26 Ash Wednesday Service 7pm

February 28 Movie Night – 6:30pm

Mark Your Calendars:

The April carry-in dinner will be the THIRD Sunday: April 19

(Easter is the second Sunday, so we’ll have our carry-in dinner on the THIRD Sunday)

Pastor’s Corner

This year, February 26 (Ash Wednesday) begins our season of Lent. The word Lent comes from a word meaning lengthen. The season of Lent occurs during the time of year when the amount of light each day is lengthening. Lent is 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter—not counting Sundays. (Even in Lent, Sundays are considered “little Easters.”)

  While the focus of Lent has traditionally been on contrition and confession, that focus does not honor the “more light” aspect of Lent. While there is a time a place for naming and owning our darkness, Jesus focused on the “more light” aspects of relationships.

What follows are several scripture passages about light. As a Lenten discipline, consider choosing one of the verses and not only reading it every day, but more importantly, letting its meaning transform you into a “more light” person. Read it several times a day and let it penetrate any darkness within your spirit.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.

Pastor Audrey

(All verses taken from the version called The Message.)

God spoke: “Light!” And light appeared. God saw that light was good. (Genesis 1:3)

Let’s live in the light of God. (Isaiah 2:5b)

What came into existence was Life (Jesus), and the Life (Jesus) was Light to live by. (John 1:4)

Fellowship January Meeting:

Six of us braved the cold and slightly snowy weather for our first meeting of the new year.  Following our monthly devotion (this time provided by David Mueller), this was basically a planning meeting.

We are seeking a place and date for our Annual Appreciation Dinner and will keep you posted as plans are firmed up. We are hoping for a late February date. Looking ahead even farther, the spring rummage sale the dates of April 3 and 4 will be forwarded to the Consistory. We will also recommend to the Consistory postponing the April carry-in dinner to the third Sunday, April 19, since Easter is the second Sunday.

Because of the recurring problems with our very old church vacuum cleaner, we voted to buy a new one. We will also explore possibilities for qualifying for grants available for community charity needs.

Our annual project of a soup drive for “Souper Bowl Sunday” is in full swing, but there is time for more donations before Super Bowl Sunday, February 2. Finally, look for the “sign-up list” for our February carry-in dinner featuring soup. Of course, we will still need accompanying side dishes and desserts.

Our next meeting will be February 18, 10:30 a.m. at the church. Hope to see you there!

Consistory December Meeting:

New officers were elected for the 2020 Consistory.  They are:

President – Kevin Ahern

Vice President – Ron Walters

Secretary – Judy Dennert

Treasurer – Neasha Hercher

Financial Secretary – Joan Ellis

Pam Zaring – Voting Member

In November we voted to increase Marilyn Ellis’s appreciation gift to $600 every six months.  Marilyn is a very valuable volunteer with our church. She plays the organ and is church secretary and is not a paid employee.  Thanks to Marilyn for all she does.

Build and Grounds Committee is continuing to take great care of our facilities.  They will continue with some outside projects when time and weather permits. Kevin has procured a handheld microphone for use during Prayers and Concerns so that all may hear.  Thanks to this committee for all their work and time. The Finance Committee will meet to review our investment portfolio. 

Final Friday Movie Night!

Please join us on Friday February 28th at 6:30pm in Fellowship Hall for our first Movie Night of the year! We will be watching the fun and hilarious Evan Almighty (2007) on the “big screen.” Just bring a snack to share, some comfy gear, and a few friends to kick back and enjoy a fun evening together!

Recycling Opportunity:

The Herculaneum School District is collecting plastic caps for a recycling project by the Ecology Club. Caps will be collected through May and will be melted down into benches. Please bring in any plastic caps from bottles, food containers, fast food drinks, etc. Paper liners in the caps are ok but just the caps – no bottles or containers! There is a box in the front foyer of the church that Jill Pickard will empty weekly. Please contact her with questions.

Book Club:

For Book Club this month we will be discussing “Always By My Side,” by Edward Grinnan on February 16th after worship, please join us for lunch (BYO) and a lively discussion.  If you have a suggestion for book in 2020, please contact Sharon Head or Cara Ahern. All suggestions are welcome!

Men’s Bible Study:

There is a group of men from local churches that meet at the DeSoto Hardee’s for a Men’s Bible Study. This occurs on certain Thursday mornings at 7:30am in the Glass Room of the restaurant. The February studies are on the 13th and the 27th. Updates to the schedule will be posted in the next newsletter!

Home-bound and shut-in members of our church family:

Bob &  Donna Stroupe (The Villas), Carol Walters, Marge Phipps

Please remember our friends in prayer. Thinking-of-you cards are always appropriate. If you would like to visit a home-bound person, it is important to call first to see if they would like a visit; if so, please arrange a time convenient to them so that there are no surprises!

Thank You Notes from Members of Hope:

Dear Hope Church Family,

Your Christmas gift makes my spirit smile. WOW! What a display of generosity and kindness you have given me. It is a privilege to serve at Hope UCC, and my path is blessed by knowing each one of you. A heartfelt and sincere thank you…not only for your gift to me but for the support and care behind the gift.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.

Pastor Audrey

Dear Hope Fellowship:

Thank you so very much for the pizza & cookies you delivered to our home in December. We enjoyed them both & they made for a tasty lunch.

Thank you also for your continued prayers and cards. They mean so much. You’re a wonderful congregation & we’re blessed to be upheld by your loving arms.

Peace &  Joy,

Ron & Carol Walters

Need Prayers?

Hope Church has a Prayer Circle of five people who will lift prayers for a particular person or a troubling situation. We shall pray for the highest good. To receive prayers for yourself or for a person/situation important to you, please call Pastor Audrey who will activate the prayer circle.

 ***Please do not rely on the grapevine if you need pastoral care.***

If you are admitted to the hospital, or if you need pastoral care for any reason, please contact Pastor Audrey directly or designate a person to contact her directly. Please do not rely on the grapevine to get information to her. 

Some Reminders & Invitations…

  • If you are in doubt whether a Sunday morning worship service is being held or being cancelled due to inclement weather, please call Pastor Audrey (314-817-8442) before making the journey to church in questionable weather.
  • Have a favorite CD you would like played as our pre-service music?  Please contact Pastor to set a date for your music to be played. Pre-service CD music is played from 10-10:30

Don’t forget to give God thanks for your many blessings, to ask for forgiveness for your shortcomings, to implore God to bring peace to the world, to ask for equality and justice for all people in all things, to remember those less fortunate, to ask for guidance in doing God’s will!