News & Events

ALL worship services and activities are cancelled until further notice. 

Pastor Audrey will be sending a short worship service through email for taking a sabbath moment. The email will be sent on Saturday; consider “worshiping” with it on Sunday morning. Also, an email called “Tuesday Connections” will be sent with updates and announcements. The worship service will be mailed to those who do not have email; the Tuesday Connections will not be mailed; please call those without email and inform them of the announcements and updates.

    Be patient. Have faith.

Some voices command attention. The person behind the voice has a way of using it that is both compelling and soothing. God has one of those voices.

            There are those whose attempts at imitating the voice of God use volume and frightening words. If they can cause us to fear, we’re more apt to follow them and jump blindly onto their agendas.  Those voices tell us our fears are justified; if only we would listen and follow, we will destroy our enemies. Sadly, once one enemy is destroyed, we are told that there is a new enemy who is as great a threat as the previous. These voices offer no comfort; their interest is in power and control.

            God through Christ Jesus speaks to us in a commanding voice, but God’s voice offers comfort and assurance. In the face of evil, God’s voice offers words of calm so that we can face any enemy or adversary with rationality instead of fear. God’s voice offers words of assurance that we are loved no matter what situations befall us.

            While I have not counted them myself, it is reported that the phrases “fear not” or “do not be afraid” appear approximately 365 times in the Bible. This is the voice of God. This is the voice of the resurrected Christ.

            When scary situations arise, whose voice will you listen to?

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.

Pastor Audrey

Recycling Opportunity has ended:

Thank you to everyone who has collected and donated plastic caps/lids for the project that the Ecology Club at Herculaneum High School was working on. The goal was to collect 200 pounds for one bench. Yet, they collected more than 1200 pounds of caps!!! Unfortunately, the club sponsor was contacted by the company and informed that, for now, they are not accepting caps due to the current health concerns. So, we are no longer collecting caps/lids. Depending on how long the company won’t accept caps, the sponsor will either hold on to them or contact the head of Jefferson County recycling to determine the best place to take them so they will be recycled somehow. Again, thank you to everyone who participated in this effort, but I will remove the lid collection box at church whenever we are able to return, since the project has come to an end.

Book Club:

There will be no Book Club this month, but next month we will be meeting to discuss “Angels & Demons” by Dan Brown on May 17th. This is a long one, so get started now! This is BYO Lunch and all are welcome, whether you read the book or not.

Don’t forget to give God thanks for your many blessings, to ask for forgiveness for your shortcomings, to implore God to bring peace to the world, to ask for equality and justice for all people in all things, to remember those less fortunate, to ask for guidance in doing God’s will!