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  1. When I transferred my membership to DeSoto UCC, as it was known then, things were very different.
    I sat toward the back of the sanctuary for church, Don Dietrich sat behind me. Every Sunday he would count the church attendees.
    If there were not at least 100, he grumped. Then, he would recount, hoping he had been wrong the first time. Sometimes,
    he was and would become more cheerful.

    Women were expected to wear skirts or dresses to services. (I hated this, but wore them anyway.) One cold evening
    (I don’t remember the occasion.), Blanch Fallet and her elderly mother arrived in pants! The following Sunday, at least a quarter
    of the women, including me, wore pants! The number got greater, for which I am grateful.

    I know these memories are not spiritual, but they have stuck in my mind all these years. I treasure them, and miss
    the people involved.

  2. One of the best things about moving to De Soto in 1985 was finding a UCC church nearby as I had been a member of that denomination since birth. My husband and son joined the church at the same time along with another family – the Anderson”s. At that time we had a nice group of children in Sunday School, but they were all boys except one girl. Luckily she could hold her own with this group.

    As a family we felt so welcomed that it was a much easier transition from my “home church” to my new one than I anticipated. Hope UCC has always been a very welcoming church to anyone who comes through the doors which is something that makes me very proud.

  3. As a new bride I choose to attend my husbands church since it was so close to our house. Even though it was different than my home church I felt happy as long as we were worshiping together. Everyone smiled at me but there was not much conversation until “Time Change” . We failed to change our clock and arrived for the closing song. It seemed that everyone sought me out and had something to say to me (in a laughing way of course).

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