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  1. As a member I was thrilled to see that our website was up and running. It looks great and is easy to navigate.

  2. I don’t attend worship very often but when I do I am always greeted like a regular. This church is so close together and they have so much love to offer, and even though they are close they still love seeing new faces and greeting new people. I know that recently we were blessed with a new pastor and from the couple of services that I have witnessed she is fantastic. She is very bubbly, quick witted, loves keeping you on toes with her modern sermons.

  3. I was married at this church a while back and it was a great community. I have returned a couple of times and it is still as lovely as ever. The building is so beautiful and the people are all so nice and welcoming.

  4. We have been worshiping at Hope since August of last year and we were immediately received with such a warm, attentive welcome! This congregation is brimming with enthusiasm, openness, and acceptance. The adult Sunday School provides stimulating discussion and the monthly carry-in dinner is always a highlight of our social calendar! The worship services are filled with beautiful music, insightful sermons, and very caring prayer & communion time. This is the perfect place for absolutely anyone to be accepted as a beloved child of God, the community here is truly a gift to all who participate!

  5. My husband grew up in this church and our children were raised here. It seems like one big welcoming family. It is small enough that we know each other, yet big enough to have activities everyone can enjoy and yet keeping in mind that we are here to learn and worship God.

  6. I love Hope U.C.C! We have been members here for over a year now and have never experienced a more loving and caring congregation. Our two young boys participate as ushers and my wife helps lead worship. Hope U.C.C respects diversity and we get a wonderful message of God’s love for us all every Sunday.

  7. I grew up in this church and have so many fond memories of developing my faith here as a child. When I moved back to DeSoto after living elsewhere for almost 30 years, of course there was no other church I even considered attending! Unconditional acceptance of all people and a strong sense of community await anyone who walks through our beautiful doors.

  8. I am Patti Alice Zimmerman Crosby. My great-grandfather’s name (Samuel Wilson Crawford) is in the stained-glass window at the back of the sanctuary. My first regular organist job was in your church. There have been many family christenings, weddings, funerals, etc., in your church. Right now we are looking for the birth date of my great grandfather, Samuel Wilson Crawford. We have a silver cup that was his with the year 1882 on it, but I don’t know what that cup was for – gift, baby gift, business reward?. If you can help with this, I will appreciate it
    In Him,
    Alice Crosby

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