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Dates to Remember:

September 2  Communion Service

September 9  Carry-In Dinner after worship

September 18  Fellowship of Hope – 10:30 a.m.

September 22  DeSoto Fall Festival – 9 a.m -4 p.m

September 23  Book Club after worship

September 25  Consistory, 6 p.m.

September 28  Movie Night 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

September 30  Singspiration – 6 p.m.


Pastor’s Corner

A minister named Pastor Eldred writes:  I was on a train on a rainy day. The train was slowing as it pulled into a station. For some reason, I became intent on watching the raindrops on the window. Two separate drops, pushed by the wind, merged into one drop for a moment, then separated again—each carrying part of the other. Simply by that momentary touching, neither was what it had been before. And as each one went to touch other raindrops, it shared not only itself, but what it had gleaned from the other.

What Pastor Eldred realized is that we never touch people so lightly that we do not leave a trace. We need to become conscious of what we unintentionally share so we can learn to share with intention.

Angry words leave an impact on those we lash out at. Gracious responses in awkward situations leave an impact on those we engage. Just saying “hello” to a stranger leaves an impact, as do uncharitable words and actions.

Pastor Eldred is right: we need to become conscious of what we unintentionally share so we can learn to share with intention. No one is ever exactly the same after encountering you; just like the raindrops, we affect whoever we meet. And may whoever crosses our paths be better off for meeting us.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.

Pastor Audrey


Fellowship of Hope Notes, August Meeting:

We did not have a meeting this month. More than half of our active participants had medical complications that prevented attendance of the meeting.

We officially thank everyone who contributed in so many ways to the success of our rummage sale. This one was an exceptional challenge with the delay of the use of the basement because of the accessibility construction project. So thank you to everyone who donated rummage, helped clean the basement, set up all the tables, sorted and sold the rummage, and finally helped bag the leftovers. We surpassed $800 at a time when need is very great.

The Fellowship has agreed to coordinate the participation of Hope Church in the DeSoto Fall Festival. More information will be available during the Sunday morning announcements.

Our next meeting will take place September 18, and we hope all the men and women in our church family will choose to join us, 10:30 a.m. in the church meeting room.


Consistory Notes, July Meeting:

Much time was spent on the Building and Grounds report.  The curb on Third Street is to be painted for two handicapped parking spots.  Several items on the maintenance list have been completed, and other items are in the works, including removal of the dead tree on Third Street and the split Bradford Pear tree on the Easton Street side yard.  Details for funding of the Handicapped Accessibility Project will be completed soon. Plans for the September Rally Day Picnic were discussed, but we need a location that is accessible to all. The pavilions at both Spross Park and Walther Park are already booked. There is still a plan to have a Carry-In on September 9th though the location will need to be determined.  Any suggestions?
CORRECTION NOTE: Please see new member and spelling correction to the Meditation Garden Committee:
Pastor Audrey Alexander
Rickie Ellis
Carol Walters
Nancy Barr
Helen Kramer
Cara Ahern

Book Club:

On September 23th we will discuss “Alfie & George” by Rachel Wells after worship, please join us for lunch (BYO) and a lively discussion!



The next Singspiration will be held on at 6 p.m. on September 30 at St. Andrew Methodist Church.  It is truly an uplifting and enjoyable evening filled with amazing local talents. A free well offering is taken which supports the Ministerial Alliance (a part of Contact), a much needed asset in our community.


A Note of Appreciation:

I wish to thank everyone for their recent kind thoughts, prayers, visits, phone calls, and cards.

-Sharon Head


Need Prayers?

Hope Church has a Prayer Circle of five people who will lift prayers for a particular person or a troubling situation. We shall pray for the highest good. We do not need specific details, just a name or a general situation.  At this point there are no restrictions of requests. To receive prayers for yourself or for a person/situation important to you, please call Pastor Audrey and she will activate the prayer circle for you.


***Please do not rely on the grapevine if you need pastoral care.***

If you are admitted to the hospital, or if you need pastoral care for any reason, please contact Pastor Audrey directly or designate a person to contact her directly. Please do not rely on the grapevine to get information to her. She cannot act on grapevine information, and sometimes the information doesn’t reach her at all.


Some Reminders & Invitations…

  • Have a favorite CD you would like played as our pre-service music?  Please contact Pastor to set a date for your music to be played. Pre-service CD music is played from 10-10:30
  • No Children’s Sunday School in May, June, July, and August
  • Adult Sunday School will continue during the summer months
  • The Citizens’ Committee for Flood Relief meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:30pm at DeSoto Public Library on Main St.



Don’t forget to give God thanks for your many blessings, to ask for forgiveness for your shortcomings, to implore God to bring peace to the world, to ask for equality and justice for all people in all things, to remember those less fortunate, to ask for guidance in doing God’s will!